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Alert™ Evidence / Chain of Custody Security Bag
             with enhanced NFC Digital Security

. . . . Changing the way you manage security – Changing the way you manage your mobile workforce.

Alert evidence bag
Evidence Security Bag
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Responsible for High Value security protection? Then there is only one solution – the new Alert NFC digital security bag. Created through a partnership between Packaging Horizons and Tag Dynamics, this next generation security bag sets the new standard for security packaging – quite simply, a quantum leap in security packaging technology.

RF tagThe Alert NFC Security bag combines the traditional security bag features of tamper evident seals and sequential serial numbering with enhanced digitally driven security features only available through our exclusive partnership with Tag Dynamics and their Nearlaw™ software.

Each Alert Security Bag is "tagged" with a 13.5 MHz RFID tag that can be read by a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled Android® smartphone. Simple to use – touch your Android enabled phone to the RFID tag on the Alert Security Bag to initiate an evidence collection or chain of custody transfer. The proprietary application software captures who (phone id), what (security bag id), where (GPS position), when (time/date) and offers users the ability to attach multimedia (photos, videos, audio recordings, and additional notes) or other customer forms to the collection record.

antistatic evidence bag film
antistatic evidence bag film

All digitally collected data is encrypted using military grade AES–256 algorithms and immediately stored on the mobile device until it is securely uploaded to the cloud for long–term storage. Authoized users are granted read–only access to all data in cloud storage including any collected digital evidence (e.g. photos, etc.) and the irrefutable documentation of the chain of custody transfers – truly a first in chain of custody security.

The Tag Dynamics Work Flow software can also alert management or other designated individuals via email to the completion of a defined process or an exception to a process in progress.

Investigate this new security tool for yourself. Additional information on the Tag Dynamics Nearlaw™ Work Flow Platform is available at Arrange for a demonstration. Contact Packaging Horizons at

Nearlaw Kit
Nearlaw Kit
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Chain of custody and evidence security is only one of the many applications for the Nearlaw™ Work Flow Platform. In mass arrest situations including riot control and SWAT operations the accurate documentation of those detained and arrested is just as critical. Cobra Cuffs® manufactured by MilSpec Plastics solves this problem by applying the same NFC and data tracking technology to their disposable restraints.

Ready to test the future of law enforcement technology? The Nearlaw™ Kit is a Pelican im2400 Stormcase that has room for up to 50 Alert NFC Security bags and up to 50 Cobra Cuffs®, as well as 2 to 10 Android® smartphones pre–installed with the Tag Dynamics Nearlaw™ software. Contact us today for a Nearlaw™ Kit quote.

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