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Press Release
December 12, 2010
Packaging Horizons Completes Solar Installation and Becomes One of the First Net Zero Energy Facilities in PA.

Pennsylvania Manufacturer Works with Borrego Solar to Eliminate Reliance on Hydrocarbon Electricity

solarPackaging Horizons, the manufacturer of Alert™ tamper evident security bags, announced today that it worked with Borrego Solar Systems, Inc. to complete the installation of a solar electric system at its facility to offset electricity costs by producing clean energy while generating income for the company. The solar installation complements Packaging Horizons' efforts to "green" its operations and to create a line of "green" products for its customers. With the completed installation, Packaging Horizons is one of the few facilities in the entire state of Pennsylvania to be entirely energy independent.

The company has sought a number of sustainability initiatives. Previously, the company replaced all of its lighting with energy efficient T5 fluorescent bulbs, cutting lighting costs by 50 percent. The company also practices intense recycling of all materials. Coupled with the solar energy system, the company is now one of the first manufacturers in the state to be a "net zero consumer" of hydrocarbon based electricity. In fact, the company expects to often produce excess clean energy which it will sell back into the grid for a profit.

solarBorrego Solar Systems, a leading financier, designer and installer of grid-connected solar electric power systems, along with Reading Electric, helped Packaging Horizons through the process. Also instrumental was the initial guidance and coordination provided by the Manufacturers Resource Center of Pennsylvania, which the company utilized when it first decided to go solar. Through a variety of state and federal incentives, along with the Pennsylvania SREC program, Packaging Horizons expects a rapid return on its solar investment.

Media interested in visiting the installation site or speaking with Packaging Horizons or Borrego Solar can contact Schwartz Communications at (415)512-0770 or

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